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Equipping you with driving skills and confidence, DM Fahrschule ensures a seamless journey.










Experienced Instructors
Certified experts provide hundreds of hours of high-quality driving training.
Comprehensive Training
Training hundreds of students each year in essential driving skills and techniques.
High Success Rate
Instructors with hundreds of hours of hands-on training deliver confident driving skills.
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Empowering Your Driving Dreams

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Experienced instructors
Flexible schedules
Modern vehicles
Affordable pricing
Personalized training
Multilingual support

Driving Instruction
Tailored to Your Needs

Trust us to tailor our instruction to match your learning style, schedule, and goals, helping you become a safe and skilled driver for life.

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Navigating Success

What Makes Us the Best Fit?

Experienced Instructors
DM driving school boasts a team of experienced instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every lesson.
Comprehensive Curriculum
DM driving school offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of driving, from basic maneuvers to advanced techniques.
Personalized Instruction
Instructors work closely with students to address their strengths and weaknesses, helping them improve and build confidence behind the wheel.
Testing Grounds
Maximize your chances of passing the practical exam swiftly by becoming acquainted with the examination zone.
Modern Facilities
DM driving school provides modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art driving simulators and training vehicles.
Excellent Success Rate
With a focus on quality instruction and preparation, DM driving school boasts an excellent success rate among its students.

Pricing for Everyone.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing: Quality Driving Lessons Tailored to Your Needs and Budget

Offer I

CHF 1120

For all 17 year olds!

Emergency helper
Traffic education
10 driving lessons
Offer II

CHF 1000

Starter package

Traffic education
10 driving lessons
1 driving lesson free!
Offer III


Complete training

Traffic education
20 driving lessons
1 driving lesson free!
Татьяна Акуленко
Татьяна Акуленко
I completed training with a teacher and am very pleased with the result. The training was comprehensive and rational. The knowledge that I acquired helped me pass the exam successfully. I recommend this school. Thank you, Dritan.
Muhamed Alili
Muhamed Alili
Sehr gute Fahrschule, zum Weiterempfehlen Sehr Nette Mitarbeiter, alles Fachlich Perfekt erklärt👍🏻
Gopal Sofroniy
Gopal Sofroniy
Drittan is an excellent teacher and a very kind person, very knowledgable and experienced and has a clear and structured method of teaching. Absolutely recommended, I passed the exam without any problems.
Anisa Rasiti
Anisa Rasiti
Berke Dursun
Berke Dursun
Beste Fahrschule zum empfehlen !!
Abdul Nasir
Abdul Nasir
Sehr kompetente fahrlehrer. Bin sehr zufriden es ist zu empfehlen.
Almaida Hadzisin
Almaida Hadzisin
Beste Fahrlehrer!
Peter Vollkommen
Peter Vollkommen
Sehr kompetent und arbeitet direkt an den Schwachstellen. Ich konnte mich verbessern und habe meine Prüfung bestanden. Danke Dritan
DM Fahrschule war die beste Fahrschule für die ich mich entschieden habe. Dritan ist sehr freundlich, nett, lustig und kann sehr gut die Fehler erklären und mit Worten verbessern. Ist nur zum empfehlen!!
Gute Fahrschule, Fahrlehrer ist nicht laut und lernt alles gut

Expert Guidance for Safe and Confident Driving

Our experienced instructors provide thorough, personalized training to ensure you become a skilled, confident, and safe driver.

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License Process

Accelerate Towards Your Driver's License

Follow our structured program, master essential skills, and confidently pass your driving test with ease.

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Proven Success
Thousands of Drivers

Your Partner in Every Turn

Your Roadmap To
Driving Excellence

At DM Fahrschule, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results. Our proven methods and expert instructors ensure you achieve driving excellence

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5-Star Rated Trainer


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At DM Fahrschule, we are dedicated to providing top-tier driver training services to our students. With a focus on safety, professionalism, and excellence, we strive to equip each individual with the knowledge and skills necessary to become confident and responsible drivers

Join us at DM Fahrschule and let's embark on this journey together towards becoming skilled, responsible, and confident drivers.

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